Business Services

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Stop burning your candle at both ends waiting for support from out of town. I am the most rapid response for all your tech needs.

Call me today to find out how I can help your business become more efficient.


Considering a technology project but want a second opinion? Technology can improve your productivity, marketing, and communication but there are plenty of options out there that just aren't cost effective. Give me a call - I'm happy to chat about technology to help your business.

Reliable Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keeping everything on one drive? Still using tapes? Want to institute a program to mirror your mission-critical systems? Down time cuts into your bottom line, let's keep that from happening.

Workflow optimization

Do you handle a lot of data? Is microsoft excel replacing your weekend? I love making things automate and finding shortcuts that will shave hours off your repetitive PC work.

VOIP Services

Is it time to replace your old PBX? Want to make long distance calls cheaply - even from your mobile phone? VOIP is a great way to cut down on your communication costs and now that Tumbler has a solid internet connection it's the perfect time to upgrade.


Do you have corporate overlords who want to come to Tumbler Ridge without actually coming to Tumbler Ridge? Teleconferencing is the key!

Dino Guarantees