Computer Services

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There is a growing reliance on technology in our professional and personal lives. As we become more reliant on our technology it becomes more important that it is secure and reliable. If you think your PC or other tech needs servicing please text or give me a call!


Environment can be a factor in technical issues. I am generally available for housecalls 7 days a week, including evenings. Lets take care of your concerns in the comfort of your own home!

Virus / Spyware Removal

The amount of personal data that can be harvested from your personal PC is staggering. If you think you have an infection I encourage you to take the PC offline until the issue is dealt with. In the worst case scenario these infections can contain boobytraps designed to cause your system harm upon their removal - data backup is available.

Cleaning and Tweaking

Think your PC needs to be put out to pasture? Often times software is bogged down - either by other software or itself. Older PCs can sometimes come to life with a simple upgrade or two. Laptops will slow themselves down at the hardware level if they begin to overheat and may just require a thorough cleaning.


Having trouble picking up wifi in the garage? Interested in automating your home? Need your playstation to play videos from your PC? Want to see what your teenagers have done to your home while you're on the beach in Mexico?

Keeping it fixed

I want to see you get a lot of miles from your computer. This starts with keeping it clean - inside and out. I pride myself on providing advice to my customers that could put me out of business!

Hardware Issues

As with automobiles it is usually the moving parts that fail in a computer. This includes Fans, Hard drives, and optical drives. Fortunately I keep these in stock and replacement is quick! I also offer other hardware services for a variety of technologies - Call or text me!

Dino Guarantees

Useful tools

Use at your own risk

Kaspersky Internet Security 30 day trial

I have licenses available for this product but you can always give it a try for free. In my opinion the very best security software available.

Malwarebytes : Free Anti-Spyware

A free program for detecting and removing malware.


Protects your privacy online and can make your computer faster.